Why You Have to Visit Gocek: 6 Interesting Facts

Should I Visit Gocek?

Of course, the answer is “Yes, you definitely should visit Gocek”.
Gocek is a town located 30 km northwest of Fethiye, where a quiet life reigns. It is extremely valuable for those who want to escape from the city and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of peace and unity with nature.
It appears to be an ordinary resort town at first look, but as you stroll around it, you will unconsciously sense that something is off: cute signages, calm and smiling people, and a peaceful attitude.
Why does a little Turkish village make you feel like you’re at a five-star resort?
So, here are six reasons why you have to visit Gocek. 

Hidden Heaven

Gocek, which had been quietly living on the Turkish Riviera, was eventually chosen by yachtsmen who had become noisy in nearby marinas. And people from all over the world began to arrive on their private yachts. Because they saw something special in this peaceful bay.

Gocek was transformed into a secret international yachting center after a ship repair yard was established in the town and marinas were rebuilt.

After that a neat town center has grown in place of old streets and unremarkable shops; restaurants and all necessary stores have opened, and an alley with benches and palm trees has appeared. 

1. Marinas, Marinas And Marinas Again

Gocek is one of the most protected harbors in the Gulf of Fethiye. In this place, the culture of consumption typical of popular tourist destinations gives way to calmness and a unique atmosphere. And it makes you stop and enjoy the moment.
By the way, It’s not difficult at all to combine the local serenity with a little more active relaxation. Gocek’s location allows sailing and yachting to develop actively. Blue cruises and boat trips will give you a wonderful experience, and allow you to get closer to the azure sea, nature, and yourself.
In fact, Gocek began to gain popularity in the 1980s among those who were interested in the sea, sailing, and yachts. Moreover, it has become one of the most famous blue cruise launch routes on the Mediterranean coast. 
Daily boat tours are carried out on private boats or boats with a capacity of 40 to 100 people. Most tours start at 10:30 am and end at 6:30 pm. You can also rent a boat or charter a yacht and create your own unforgettable route. Sailing, windsurfing, jet skis, parasailing – Gocek has it all.
Feel the wind in your hair, the salt on your face, and the unique joy of a child inside you when you come into contact with water sports. 

After all, everything you need is right here; you just have to want it.
white motor yacht at the sea
different type of yachts - you will see more when you visit Gocek

2. How Far Is Gocek From The Airport?

Gocek is closer than you think! 

It is located on the southeastern coast of Turkey, less than a 25-minute drive from Dalaman Airport. Dalaman Airport, which has regular flights from Istanbul Airports and Ankara Airport, also has direct connections to many cities abroad.
This means that with just a several-hour flight and a quick taxi transfer, you can be in a place so different from everyday life that you feel instantly immersed.
Do you know that it usually takes a few days to feel like you are on vacation?
Not in Gocek.
Fresh sea air, saturated with pine notes, the sun, and the serenity of this place immerses you in vacation from the first second.

3. The Heart Of The Town

In Gocek, as elsewhere, there is the main street with public institutions, banks, shops, restaurants, and cafés. 

Gocek heart begins to beat on Carshi Yolu Street, which later merges with Turgut Ozal Street. Two-story buildings are lined up here, surrounded by small pebbles covering the streets.

Although the atmosphere of Gocek becomes livelier during the summer, it is not tiring at all. We call it Gocek’s magic 🙂

Are you interested in handmade ceramics, clothes made of natural fabrics, or maybe handmade carpets or Turkish sweets?

Then be sure to check out a couple of stores.

Take a leisurely walk along the street, which everyone who comes to Gocek visits at least once, breathe in the fresh sea air, walk along the waterfront, and admire the yachts.

Get to know the atmosphere of local life in Gocek up close. 

Relax completely, listen to yourself, and spend your free time however you want. There are no pushy salespeople or judgmental viewpoints; everyone lives their own life, which is wonderful.

interesting street with garland in the shape of houses - visit Gocek to see it

4. Visit Gocek To Explore Turkish Culture

Gocek is definitely a special location, with its own unforgettable atmosphere.
But Gocek is also part of Turkey.
And his country has a rich history, from the Ottoman Empire to the present day, with incredible art and diverse traditions. And you have access to it.
For free🙂
Open the door to this country’s multifaceted culture and experience the sensations of a different mentality. Those who seek will always find. And if you’re looking for something new, you will be able to find it here.
So feel free to strike up a conversation with the locals, and they will be happy to share a bit of their knowledge and culture with you. Even without knowing the Turkish language, there is a high probability that you will find a common language with the Turks🙂
And this is catchy in communication.
The feeling that even being in another country, you are as if at home.

5. Try Turkish National Food

turkish traditional breakfast-important reason to visit Gocek

Turkey is famed for its local cuisine: kebabs, grilled fish, salads, kofte, bread, meze, and hundreds of other delicious meals!

So Gocek is a place that offers a variety of food and drinks options for all tastes: from seafood to pizza, from burgers to traditional Turkish cuisine. And here you can find all kinds of cafes, restaurants, and bars.

It is definitely a pleasant start to the evening, walking along the gorgeous strip and choosing where to eat. 

Moreover, Turkish cuisine ranks among the best in the world, alongside French, Chinese, Italian, and other cuisines. Turkey’s cuisine is vibrant and diverse, incorporating a wide range of influences and flavors.

It has evolved over the centuries, influenced by its rich history of hosting both the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

For example, Turkish breakfast deserves special mention. Fresh orange juice, lots of cheese, olives, fresh fruit, bread, cucumber and tomato salad, eggs cooked in a spicy tomato sauce, spicy sausages, and sweet and savory pastries — breakfast is a big deal in Turkey!

6. Instagrammable Places

No mobile phone in the world has enough storage to satisfy your trigger finger.
It’s impossible to walk past the marina without taking pictures of sunsets, superyachts, fishing boats, and the azure sea. The view from the beachfront restaurant will give you another chance when you order your first Turkish breakfast or see a wall covered in cherry red flowers with a dizzy aroma.
Maybe you will rent a boat and go to see unique places nearby that will not allow you to leave your photo library empty.
Pine forests, orange and lemon trees filling the fresh sea air with their notes, restaurants, and cafés hiding in the shade of trees, stunning villas, and hotels…It will be on your Instagram for sure!
Maybe you decide to take a break from your phone. Then simply take in all of this beauty and absorb the friendly and relaxing atmosphere.
instagrammable view with trees and flowers
cute cafe with colorful chairs
You will like it, XOXO
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