Sailing In Gocek, Turkey: How To Become A Sea Hero

Sailing In Gocek, Turkey: How To Become A Sea Hero

In this article, you will learn about Sailing in Gocek, Sailing Holidays in Gocek, Gocek Sailing Itenary, and Gocek Sailing School. Also, we will talk about the avarage budget for sailing. Let’s begin?

Do you feel that?
Wind in your hair, salt spray, and the soft rays of the sun on your skin. You are peaceful and relaxed. And you have a smile on your face. 
Sounds familiar? 
In any case, keep reading. Because in this article you will find everything you need to know about sailing in Gocek.
Sailing is a sport that everyone can enjoy. Although it may come across as a little personal.
But nothing compares to the adrenaline rush of sailing a boat. 
And this sport is not just an individual activity. It is a family and group affair. 
For example, parents are sharing it with their children. Or friends are travelling together.
So cruising attracts vast numbers of people of all ages and all levels of experience with its atmosphere and adventurous spirit. 
And many of them have come to cruising boats for the first time. While others have already got familiar with boat arrangements. 
Gocek is the perfect place to experience sailing holidays along the Turkish coastline. 
And I will show you why 🙂
Sailing in Gocek -white sailboat at azure sea

What Is Sailing?

Of course, the sea has fascinated people for many thousands of years. 
Unsurprisingly, eventually, we found ways of turning it into our adventure.

But sailing as a sport is relatively recent. It dates back to the 17th century. 

By the way, the English king, Charles II, was one of its first admirers. His Dutch friends presented him with the first yacht in England, Mary, in honor of his restoration to the throne.

Sailing boats have long been associated with the aristocracy. But gradually, sailing began to develop as a recreational and sporting activity. 

Sailing Boat
Mass-production of fiberglass boats started after Second World War. This material made the process of boat construction much faster, easier, and cheaper. 
Today you will see three types of sailing:
Sailing schools now accept students who are not only athletically gifted. 
But also those who have a strong desire to learn. Today sailing is a popular activity for small children and the elderly also. And people with disabilities can train in special clubs too.
So we can say that sailing is accessible to anyone.
And it is only necessary to have a strong desire to enjoy the sea.

Difference Between Yachting And Sailing

example of yacht
A sailboat is a boat that has a sail. So sailing is the maneuvering of a sailboat propelled forward by the wind. 
And a yacht is a watercraft for recreational purposes. 
In short, yachting is a being out on the water in a yacht.
Yachts differ from sailboats in that they are typically larger, have more features, and can be powered by an engine. 
So long as the weather permits, sailing can be done anywhere, at any time. Yachting, on the other hand, has its own set of restrictions.

5 Reasons Why You Have To Try Yachting Or Sailing In Gocek

Sailing in Turkey is a different experience from sailing anywhere else. 
The pace of life is slow. And the emphasis is on culture and history, rather than consumption. 
For Turks, being on the water is a way of life.

Yachting or Sailing in Gocek Is The Best Way To Explore The Turkish Coastline

The most romantic way to see the coastline is to take the Blue Cruise.
Worth noting, that Turkey has some of the world’s oldest archaeological sites. And many of them are seated on cliffs overlooking the sea.
In comparison to neighboring countries, Turkey also has a long sailing season. 
So the peak season is from mid-April to early November. 
And it is easy to see why Turkey is such a popular sailing destination!
Your cruise will take place in the azure clean waters. And you will be surrounded by pine-covered hillsides and gorgeous views. 
Moreover, by chartering or renting a boat, you will be able to visit these locations without any strangers. Just you and a company of close people.
Sailing from Gocek - Beautiful Port in Antalya with many boats in it

Visit So Many New Sites In Such A Short Period Of Time

Turkey’s cruising coast stretches from Antalya to Bodrum. It is full of beautiful bays and coves, remote beaches, and lush pine forests. 
There are dozens of routes to choose from depending on how long you want to cruise. 
One fascinating aspect of sailing is that it is never boring or repetitive.
On the contrary, you will likely go to bed in the evening knowing that you will be visiting a completely new location the following day.

The Sailing School Is Nearby. No, Better, Gocek Sailing School is Right Here

Gocek Sailing schooll has been operating since 1999. 
And adults who want to try their hand at sailing can take individual or group lessons here. There are classes for children and teenagers as well.
Sailing is unlike anything else you have ever done.
And you can never go back once you start sailing.
Not only do you learn new skills and meet new people during this time. But you also get to know yourself better. 
All of this will create such wonderful memories!  You will want to go sailing again for sure. And amazing facr is that with a little perseverance anyone can learn to sail.
So wouldn’t that make a great story to tell all your friends?
Gocek Sailing School

Take Advantage Of This Time And Do Something You Have Not Done Before

How many times have you promised yourself that you would start exercising?
Or how long has it been since you ordered the latest best-selling book? 
That book you have not read yet?
Definitely, devoting time to yourself is essential. And learning new abilities is incredibly satisfying for anyone.
If you decide to take up sailing or yachting, you will have more time to devote to yourself.
Do something you have never been able to do before.
And you will thank yourself once you get started.

You Can Go Sailing From Gocek Even If You Don't Own A Boat

Even if you do not own a boat, you can easily rent one or charter a yacht in Gocek. A boat can also be rented with or without a crew.
So the crew will help organize your vacation. And you will remember this time only with a smile.
Just crack open a bottle of sparkling wine and make yourself comfortable on a deck.
Enjoy a well-deserved rest!

Difference Between Charter And Rent

Boat rental vs Yacht Charter
Boat Rental
A person who rents a boat from a private owner is referred to as a boat renter. The renter has the option of sailing the boat themselves. Or hiring a captain to do the navigating for them.
To put it another way, when you rent a boat, you get the boat. Everything else (and everyone) is up to you.
But of course, sometimes there are exceptions.
There are two general types of charters: bareboat and crewed.
Bareboat charters are similar to boat rentals. And you simply pay for the boat.
Basically, you are your own captain and crew. 
But most charter firms may ask you to verify that you have enough expertise to pilot the boat you want.
Crewed charter implies that you hire the captain and crew required to run the boat.
In general, which option is best for you depends on your experience, what you plan to do and how long you intend to cruise.

Gocek Sailing Itenary

The length of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, known as the Turquoise Coast, takes in crumbling ruins, beaches and seaside resorts, fishing villages, and some of the country’s best water sports.
It is beginning with the yachting center of Gocek and stretching to Antalya.
Get off the mainland – either by sailboat, a traditional gulet, or kayak – and you will discover plenty more superb spots that main roads don’t yet reach.

Sailing From Gocek to Kas

The coastline between Gocek and Kas boasts world-class yachting and water sports, ancient ruins, pristine beaches, and myriad cruise options. 
By the way, Kas is one of the best diving spots in the Mediterranean. It has many shipwrecks and rich underwater life. 
Also, it is the starting point for tours of the ruins at Kekova or Myra farther east.

Sailing From Gocek to Oludeniz

Actually, Gocek is a popular starting point for many a Blue Cruise or private sailing course. 
Farther south, Fethiye has also outgrown its fishing village roots. And now it is extremely popular with holidaying travelers.
Ten kilometers south of Fethiye is a hauntingly picturesque spot: Kayakoy, a ghost town. It was abandoned by its Anatolian Greek residents in 1923 during the Greco-Turkish population exchanges.
There is the sandy spit of Oludeniz beach twenty kilometers farther south of Fethiye. That is jutting out into a turquoise bay.
By the wa, it has featured on a thousand tourist posters.
Oludeniz  is an unbeatable lively destination with hiking and paragliding opportunities and a vibrant nightlife.
Gocek Sailing Itenary- oludeniz with its stunning view

Include 12 Islands Into Your Sailing Holidays

A Blue Voyage into 12 Islands of the Gulf of Fethiye from the town of Gocek is strongly recommended for travelers who want to get away from the stress of modern urban living.
As the boat heads away from Gocek the first two islands you encounter are Gocek Adasi, famous for its verdant pine forest. And Zeytinli Adasi, a privately-owned estate with thousands of olive trees.
You should not miss this excursion! Because there is no other place with such a concentration of the most picturesque bays and islets. 
And they are providing simultaneous shelter for yachts, catamarans, and sightseeing ships.

Your Budget for Sailing From Gocek

It may appear strange, but renting a yacht can save you money.
Consider the cost of hotels, taxis, buses, restaurants, and excursions to the islands. The selection of yachts and charter companies is now so diverse! And you can easily find a vessel that meets your needs. 
Yacht berths are reasonably priced, and some marinas are free.
If you rent a sailboat, you will only need the engine for mooring and during calm periods.
Chartering your own private yacht or catamaran for a week can cost about the same as hiring a nice villa for the week (even with a paid skipper). And it is less expensive per person than a week in a fancy hotel.
Of course, hopping aboard your own private yacht or catamaran and embarking on an adventure on the high seas is far more exciting and interesting than being confined to land.
Because there is only you on board, you don’t have to compete for the best spots to sunbathe. You also have access to your own seawater pool whenever you want.
Furthermore, you are viewing the world in a way and at a pace that suits you.

A Final Thought About Sailing Holidays in Gocek

Everyone’s idea of a good vacation differs.
Someone considers a holiday like a week in a hotel with a cocktail by the pool, with the sea nearby, and restaurants around.
Others purchase summer homes in scenic locations. But the same place and people appear year after year.
Even if it becomes boring, it is not simple to leave this area in search of another experience.
Sailing or yachting, on the other hand, offers not only the opportunity to spend holiday time. But also the opportunity to participate in sports, sail on the high seas, and discover new things.
You can meet breathtaking natural beauties and unique locations.
Visit various ports and cities.
Capture these events on film and save the amusing stories for later.
Have you already decided where you will cruise?
Sailing Holidays Gocek - view from the sailboat
I am sure you will like it, XOXO

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