Discover Gocek in Turkey 2022

Discover Gocek in Turkey 2022

Welcome to Gocek in Turkey, where the question of a fabulous pastime is always just a matter of your wish!
Probably, the first that you will ask after checking in and going through all of the standard procedures is: “What are we going to do?” 
In fact, Gocek is not included in the season’s top destinations lists, and it is not recommended for family vacations or beach vacations.
And the explanation for the phenomenon is that a tourist without a yacht in Gocek appears to have nothing to do: a small town with about 5,000 residents, six marinas, and an endless number of ships.
No worries, I would like to show you otherwise. And I am here to help you discover Gocek, this piece of heaven on Earth. Just follow me.

What Is Gocek like?

Gocek is a fairytale that one day just came true.

And it is a unique place for those who want to get away from city life, where the insatiable blue sea and the dense pine forest come together. Nature, fresh air with the smell of pines, and gorgeous views do not leave you indifferent.

And it is hard to believe that this pretty town was once a small village in 1980, where a chrome mining enterprise was. But this area was cleaned very thoroughly and rebuilt after some investments in the tourism sector in 1993.

And it’s impossible to tell in Gocek whether the yachts found shelter in this tiny town or if Gocek itself moored to the sea…like a yacht.

Definitely, on the entire southwestern coast of Turkey, you will not find such a large number of marinas and infrastructure dedicated solely to sailing enthusiasts.

And for the first time, you realize that a yacht is a luxurious state of mind rather than a luxury item.

portville houses view from the bridge
yachts in marina

Walk Around Gocek in Turkey

I think walking is the best way to get familiar with Gocek. So let’s do it! And it’s going to be sunny, don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen.

Main Street

Gocek is well-known for its marina and the independent shops on its main shopping street, Carshi Yolu.
So let’s start from that street.
First, look around, breathe fresh sea air with hints of orange and lemon (yes, it’s not your imagination, Gocek is full of orange and lemon trees).
And enjoy the atmosphere and colors of this street with not-too-high buildings, beautiful flowers, and friendly people.
By the way, be sure to check out a couple of stores, you will find something that will get to your heart. You may be interested in shops selling linen textiles. Also, visit souvenir shops with original ceramic figurines.
Many of the shops, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes are aimed at yacht owners or passengers. So the sails, as well as the vessel’s hull, engines, and mechanisms will be repaired here.
If you suddenly find yourself unable or unwilling to manage the yacht, you can find also a captain here.
When you reach the end of the street, you will find yourself in the square.
A mosque will be visible ahead, and on your right, there will be a statue erected in honor of the first president of the Turkish Republic – M.K. Ataturk.
And you can see Ataturk’s words on it: “How happy is the one who says I am a Turk”.
main street with amazing flowers - worth to visit Gocek to see it
statue of ataturk at the end of main street in gocek

Road To The Beach

Next, I suggest you walk along the promenade, which will give you views of the azure sea with yachts for every taste and color.
And if we go to the left, we will plunge into a calmer atmosphere.
The geometry and restraint of D-Resort and Portville Gocek with its amazing villas will be to your left. After crossing the bridge and climbing a little higher, you can continue your journey along the sea. 
You will see a couple of restaurants, and there will be a green lawn with sun loungers a little further. That is the D-Resort’s territory, but it is open to everyone.
This road ends at the entrance to Blue Point Beach. 
Worth noting, that Blue Point Beach is the only beach in the center of Gocek where you can swim. But only D-Resort quest members have access to it. So right now, let’s turn left and make a small circle back through the shaded pine forest.

The sea in this part of Turkey is beautiful, azure, and transparent. Because the shores are overgrown with pine trees, you can breathe freely and easily.

It immediately feels like a vacation, and you begin to relax without any adaptation from the first breath.

The Second Part Of The Gocek in Turkey

Next, I propose visiting another part of the waterfront that is lively and filled with restaurants, bars, cafés, and shops.
This road leads to the Rixos Premium Gocek.
Along the way, you will pass restaurants with a variety of cuisines. They are hidden in wonderful green gardens, surrounded by colorful flowers. One of them is West Café, which is one of the first restaurants in Gocek.
Probably, you will find the atmosphere dizzy with the flower aroma and the unusually high oxygen levels that you probably don’t normally breathe. You can easily find a good local or international breakfast, lunch, or dinner spot there.
A lot of beachfront restaurants, bars, and cafés will open for you after the white gate with the inscription “Mega Yacht Marina”. 
The Guverte restaurant even has its own deck, where you can enjoy spending time surrounded by the beauties of nature and, of course, delicious food.
You will see many green areas, ideal for relaxing in the shade and playing with kids or pets. You can also stroll through the Rixos Premium area and visit the on-site restaurants or Starbucks coffee shop.
couple eating their dessert near the sea
beatiful sea view from the restaurant near the sea

Final Thought

To sum up, Gocek is a small town, but it’s perfect for such excursions.
Even though I have lived here for many years, I still think it’s gorgeous.
However, you have yet to learn more about it and its surroundings. Here you will find a wide variety of yachts, boats, and catamarans.
You will enjoy a light and pleasant atmosphere with happy and carefree faces.
And you will see flags from all over the world.
And of course, you will taste delicious food.
I am sure you will like it, XOXO

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