Unlock A New Location: Gocek In Turkey. Why Do We Love It?

Unlock A New Location: Gocek In Turkey. Why Do We Love It?

What is Gocek in Turkey? If you were looking for reviews about Gocek, the answer is here:)
Of course, if you travel without a map, you will eventually find yourself in the middle of nowhere with no gas and no clue what to do next.
So in this article, you will get an insider look at local life—a map that will help you immerse yourself in Turkish culture and not get lost. 
You will interact with locals and learn about their worldviews. 
And how they feel about Gocek in Turkey:)
Open the world out of the “all-inclusive” package and explore the hidden gems of Turkey!

Non-touristy Turkey

When you travel, the world becomes about more than just you or your home country. Yes, tourist attractions are usually crowded. And it is not surprising.
Because the majority of them play a significant role in the country’s culture and history.
But when you leave the tourist traps, you come across places, art, and people that reveal much more about the country you are traveling in. You receive a more unique and exciting experience than just taking photos of Instagrammable locations. 
I recommend you read the following articles about Gocek if you haven’t already:

But here I propose to get acquainted with the inhabitants of Gocek.

Onnur - Coach

Gocek in Turkey

Look around. There is beauty everywhere. But here, in Gocek, you experience a different type of pleasure. You experience one of the hidden gems in Turkey.
Yes, Gocek is small. But you will find its nature amazingly beautiful; the sea will conquer you with its azure depths, and plenty of different places will satisfy your needs and wishes. 
I have been living in Gocek for 12 years. And I can’t leave it.
Because every time I tried to change the city, my eyes were still looking for the beauty of Gocek.
Gocek in Turkey - view from the sea
I came to Gocek in 2010 first time. And I wanted to explore it, but I made a radical decision to settle down here. I graduated from the sports academy in 2011. 
And I had been giving individual Pilates lessons for two years. I also worked as a fitness and martial arts instructor. 
I had been working for a corporate company for nearly eight years. But I opened my studio at the end of 2020.
So currently, I am teaching many activity classes. 
We also do outdoor activities at the beginning and end of the season: boat tours, yoga, pilates, trekking, vegan and vegetarian masterclasses, etc.)

Gocek Daily Routine

Just imagine: first, you walked around the coves early in the morning, then swam in the refreshing sea, and afterward, you drank a cup of coffee for pleasure. 
You feel fit and alive the whole day.
Yes, it is my typical morning.
But sometimes I use a paddle board instead of walking.
This place gives people peace and encourages them to eat healthier, do sports more, and slow down. Whether it’s a tennis club or a sailing club, you may be busy here for 12 months of the year. 
I love trekking once or twice a week on long routes. Because areas near Gocek are full of breathtaking mountain views, especially in spring.
We also have a Gocek fire coordination team. And we do fire watch during critical periods in summer. 
I am a nature lover indeed. So I am always trying to contribute to the preservation of Gocek’s livable natural beauty.
sea view near Gocek in Turkey
Non-touristy Turkey - mountains of Gocek

How To Meet Onnur?

Onur is a wonderful person. He will immediately charge you with his energy🙂
Onnur has the studio in Gocek at Emek Sk. no:5. 
Reformer Pilares, Cadillac Pilates, Kickboxing, Functional Training, Paddle Boarding… And it is not all that Onnur can teach you:)

Aynur - Owner Of The Workshop

Local Gocek In Turkey

One day I was lucky enough to have a cup of tea with Ainur. She is living in Gocek for 37 years. And she is a person with a creative soul and a huge heart. 
So I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to introduce her to you.
This story is not a biography. It is the history of our conversation.

Find Your Color

The phrase “life is unpredictable” has become a cliche these days. But you can’t argue with her sincerity, though: it’s true. 
Have you heard about Parkinson’s disease?
Although it progresses slowly, it changes life completely.
If I were given this diagnosis, I am not sure what I would say or think. And how it would affect the rest of my life.
But Aynur once said: “You can”. And she keeps her words. So thus began a nine-year journey full of personal growth. But it’s also a colorful, creative, and, I believe, love-filled road. 

What is the secret of Aynur? 

She begins each day by asking two questions: “What have you done so far?” and “What are your plans for today?”
By the way, she achieved a lot: she started a business (a workshop, and not only), conducted hundreds of free online lessons with people of all ages, as well as personal classes. 
She raised (and continues to raise) money for charity and handcrafted thousands of masterpieces with her and her students’ hands. So take note of the recipe 🙂
local Gocek - pottery shop in the town center
And the constant use of paint and other materials helped her negotiate with Parkinson for a while.
“Parkinson’s or not, there is a reason for everything. I try to enjoy life. Colors are my thoughts, and brushes are my language. I constantly talk to my illness and ask it to give me time for my plans”.

"Parkinson's or not, there is a reason for everything. I try to enjoy life. Colors are my thoughts, and brushes are my language. I constantly talk to my illness and ask it to give me time for my plans".

And Aynur has a beautiful dream: establishing an art academy in Gocek. She wants to make the road to creativity accessible to everyone. Because “every human must find own color”.

And despite all the difficulties, I saw this happiness in Aynur’s eyes. 

"Life is not only a race; life is given to do things that bring you happiness."

How To Meet Aynur?

You can meet Aynur at her shop near Gocek Square. It is full of cute ceramic figurines, hand-painted tableware, and great paintings. I am sure that something will hook you there:)
Also, Aynur is giving personal art classes for adults and children. Try to get a chance to make something with your hands.
Although she doesn’t speak English, you will find a way to communicate with her;)

Atilla - Shaman

I have been doing bioenergy practices and massage for about 20 years.
For the last six years, after my training in holistic healing therapies, I have been using shiatsu massage, reiki numbers, reflexology, and bioenergy. 
I am combining them with a method that I have developed. And I am applying them in therapy.
With this method, which is especially effective in localized pain and muscle pain, you can feel a result from the first session.
The fact that shiatsu massage (Japanese acupuncture pressure massage) is applied to the acupuncture points with the pressure technique is the most effective and powerful part of this method, which allows point shooting to the problem area.

Gocek - One Of The Hidden Gems in Turkey

Before Gocek, I have been to many places in the Aegean and the south. However, no place has fed my soul as much as this one. The fact that Gocek is a small place and close to many locations to visit convinced me to live here.
What attracts me the most in Gocek is its beautiful nature, fascinating bays, calmness, and proximity to my favorite routes. I prefer to live calmly and peacefully in nature rather than having fun in Gocek.
I am a former swimmer-water polo player. So my best meditation is to be near the sea.
In daily life, I always found all my questions and answers near the water.
I would recommend you to visit unique bays that you can reach by boat. Bedri Rahmi bay and Gobun bay are my favorite ones. Then I can count the Köyceğiz, Akyaka, Selimiye, Bozburun, which is close to Gocek.
One of the 12 bays near Gocek

Final Thought About Gocek in Turkey

In this article, you have learnt about the most honest Gocek reviews from locals with whom I was lucky to meet. 
And you also have the opportunity to communicate with them, get in touch with the Turkish soul and, maybe, get personal recommendations.
One of life’s greatest pleasures is visiting another country. As humans, we are fortunate to be able to cross borders and experience different cultures for very little time and money.
So don’t miss out on your chance!
Gocek mountain view - one of the hidden gems in Turkey
Sunset near Gocek - one of the best Gocek Turkey Reviews
I am sure you will like it, XOXO

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