Your Amazing Holidays In Gocek: 7 Best Ways To Spend Them

What to do in Gocek? I love this question! Yes, Gocek looks like a small town. But it hides a lot of possibilities. And in this article, I will tell you five ways to spend your unforgettable holidays in Gocek.

No. 1 Of course, explore Gocek

Start your holidays in Gocek by going for a walk.

By the way, have you read our article “Discover Gocek in 2022“? 

So I definitely advise you to start with it.  

A stroll around the Gocek will help you to feel the atmosphere of this place and new photos will fill your phone. Probably, your plans for the evening will include dinner at some restaurant you have met along the way. 

And the route from one end of Gocek to the other will take no more than half an hour on foot along the coast under lush pink clouds of bougainvillea. 

On one hand, there are endless tables of coastal cafés. On the other is the main street of the city, the heart of Gocek.

If we talk about what Gocek is famous for, I would say yachts and marinas. And sea lovers often visit Gocek, with its sheltered harbors.

On this occasion, there are many marinas in Gocek serving yachtsmen. But all of them are private, and permission is required to enter them. And only yacht owners have free access.

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No. 2 Try Something New Throughout Your Holidays In Gocek

Why don’t you try your hand at being a ship’s captain?
Had no experience before?
It’s not a problem at all. 
There is a sailing school in Gocek where you can have private or group sailing lessons. By the way, lessons are available to all ages.
Just imagine this picture: every day you come to a new bay or a new seaside town. And you communicate with the locals there. For them, you are no longer just a tourist. 
You have become a part of the culture of the country.  
And it is like taking a master’s class while on vacation.

On a yacht, you can sleep under the stars and awaken to gentle sea dawn, brew a cup of bitter coffee, and inhale total freedom. 

You won’t be able to see the sea from this angle anywhere else.

Yachts near Gocek

No. 3 Twelve Islands - Must Visit During The Holidays In Gocek

In the Mediterranean town of yachtsmen, Gocek, the most popular route is one called “the twelve islands”. 
You should not miss this excursion! 
Because there is no other place with such a concentration of the most picturesque bays and islets that provide simultaneous shelter for yachts, catamarans, and sightseeing ships.
Why are there only twelve islands when there are so many more?
Because twelve of them are the largest, with ruins of ancient settlements, and those that differ only in beauty do not count.
As a rule, boats departing from Gocek Harbor pass through Ayten Bay and Osman Aga Bay. And then take a swimming break in Erdek Buyukov Bay. Also, some tours take a lunch break at Cleopatra Bay Hamam. 
And you can swim above the sunken ruins of Cleopatra’s Baths in the azure sea.
Or instead of it just rent a boat and take a private tour. Then you will have an unlimited number of itinerary options.
You can charter a yacht of any size to take you to one of the secluded bays or the island of your choice. 
On the water, you can have a picnic with olives, simits, baklava, and delicious local wine. 
And there is no need for beaches because diving into your private seawater pool is far more enjoyable:)
one of the 12 islands of Gocek - must visit during holidays in gocek

No.4 Blue Point Beach

Worth noting, that the only place where you can take a dip in the cool waters of Gocek is the private beach of Gocek D-Marin. 
But the beach is accessible to D-resort hotel guests only.

About other beaches near Gocek you can read here.

The beach has two sections: a sand section and a teak platform. Even though the beach section is lovely, individuals who don’t like sand can spend their time in the other sections. 
And its clear, smooth water transports you to a forest, though you are a few meters from the trees.
No doubt, the Dalaman shore, with its dazzling violet-tinged waves spreading out to the islands in the distance and lined by beautiful mountains, is unrivaled—there’s a reason it’s been compared to paradise in literally thousands of internet reviews.
Spend hours on the beach watching the yachts come and go in the Mediterranean.

No. 5 Q Lounge - Complete Your Holidays In Gocek With Japanese Cuisine And Amazing View

You definitely must dine at the D Resort’s Q Lounge while you are in Gocek.
Q Lounge offers Izayaka-style contemporary Japanese cuisine with a side of breathtaking sea views. And it is hardly hyperbole to say it is mind-bending gorgeous. 
It was designed by Japanese architect Noriyoshi Muramatsu to blend into the environment and nestle in the woods of the hillsides overlooking D-Resort Gocek.
I would suggest going for an early dinner to watch the sunset while sipping your cocktail, then staying late if you don’t have children to enjoy the environment in the rays of the setting sun.

No. 6 Sea Therapy - Must Have If You Are In Gocek

A massage performed by the hands of a highly qualified specialist in the peaceful atmosphere of your home or yacht… You will never be the same.

Isn’t that what holidays are for?

To recharge with energy for new achievements and leave behind all the fuss of daily life 🙂

Want to know more?

Then check out our article Sea Therapy in Gocek: Exclusive Pleasure Only for You.

View from Q-Louge - Complete Your Holidays In Gocek With Japanese Cuisine

No.7 ONNO / Bedri Rahmi Koyu

In a nutshell, ONNO is a floating restaurant.

And it’s situated in one of Gocek’s most beautiful bays, Bedri Rahmi. By the way, its previous name was Taşyaka. 

What an incredible sight!

The place where the forests and the sea meet in their eternal existence. The Lycian ruins can be seen while walking through the bay’s territory.

Mediterranean and Aegean cuisines are combined in this restaurant. You can start your day with breakfast at ONNO or end it with dinner in good company there. 

At night, candles, lanterns, and the incredible purity of the sea create a magical atmosphere that is better experienced than described in words.

Moreover, the menu will surprise you with its diversity. And, I believe that the chefs preparing the dishes in the wood-burning oven with only fresh and local ingredients will provide you with new taste sensations.

Final Thought

As I said before Gocek is a small town.
But it hides a lot of secrets🙂
And my goal is show to you different Gocek. 
Don’t forget that we are just getting started😉

I am sure you will like it, XOXO

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