Gorgeous Beaches Near Gocek: Are You Ready For Your Wonderful Holidays?

Gorgeous Beaches Near Gocek: Are You Ready For Your Wonderful Holidays?

Is there a beach in Gocek? Yes, there is. And also there are a lot of beaches nearby. So in this article, you will find information about private, free, and paid beaches near Gocek.  Read about Rixos Premium Gocek Secret beach, Gocek island beach, Blue Point Beach Gocek, and Lime beach club Gocek.

About Gocek

Gocek is home to the stunning bays of Turkey. Luxury yachts and charming boats surround this town.
And it catches people who spend their holidays here with a clear and azure sea and untouched nature. 
But it used to be a quiet and peaceful place. However, since the 1980s, Gocek has become a popular tourist attraction. 
Now it offers visitors not only heavenly beaches and bays. 
But also cute shops, a huge number of restaurants and bars, and historical sites nearby.
Azure sea at Blue Point Beach Gocek

Blue Point Beach Gocek - A Piece Of Heaven Nearby

Blue Point Beach is a short distance from Gocek. And it is bordered on one side by green pine trees and the Mediterranean Sea on the other.

So the beach is an excellent location for a relaxing vacation.
A large beach area, a clear azure sea, and plenty of guest services will allow you to fully enjoy the moment.
The D-resort owns and operates this beach. And the white sand imported from Egypt is a distinctive feature of the beach, making it easy to enter the water.
By the way, if you are not comfortable in the water or plan to visit the beach with children, there are plenty of water entry options suitable for all experience levels.
Entrance is only possible for D-resort hotel guests
Beach Features: clear azure sea, sun loungers, umbrellas, D`Breeze restaurant located on the beach area, toilet, shower, changing cabins, parking, Wi-Fi.

Lime Beach Club Gocek

The Lime Beach Club is ideal for relaxing near the water in comfort.
Slow down, swim, lie on a sun lounger in the shade, and read a book to begin or end your vacation beautifully. And there is a bar on the beach. Where you can order any drinks and even some food to eat. 
Everything you require will be at your fingertips.

So you can simply relax in your hammock with a glass of champagne and listen to good music. You can also spend time closer to nature at the azure sea. Or doing exercises under the scorching sun. It is entirely up to you. 

Fortunately, Lime Beach Club has it all.

By the way, Ferries run on time from Gocek to the beach club.

They leave from the Club Marina and the Skopea Marina. Also, you can get there by car. 

And remember to make a reservation before you go there.
Lime Beach Club Gocek
Paid entrance
Beach Features: accessible by car, toilet, shower, sun loungers, and umbrellas, changing cabins, restaurant, and bar.

Rixos Premium Gocek Secret Beach

There is no beach nearby Rixos Premium Gocek.

The Rixos hotel’s beach is in a secluded bay, and you have to sail there on a small ferry. The ferry runs every half an hour. And it takes exactly 10 minutes to arrive.

This may appear to be a disadvantage at first, but the road to the beach is rich in beautiful views. So you will definitely get some visual pleasure. 

And the beach itself is pleasing, with white sand, a clear sea reflecting pine trees, and a calm atmosphere. 

There is also a restaurant there, so you don’t have to return for food.

By the way, to get the best beach spot, make a reservation at the hotel for one of the beach cabins.

Rixos Premium Gocek Secret Beach - one of the few beaches near Gocek
Entrance is only possible for Rixos Premium Gocek hotel guests
Beach Features: clear azure sea, sun loungers, umbrellas, a restaurant located near the beach area, toilet, shower, and changing cabins.

Beaches Near Gocek: Inlice Public Beach

Inlice Public Beach is a short drive from Gocek’s town center.
And it is popular with both locals and tourists who are drawn to the clean, natural environment. Moreover, the beach is located away from the city’s hustle and bustle, in a picturesque place with stunning views.
The beach is mostly sandy, with a few small pebble patches. And the seawater is clear and calm. Therefore it is ideal for families with children or those learning to swim.
So it is important to note that there is no parking available near this beach.
But you will find food, drinks, umbrellas, and sun loungers in a municipally managed area on the beach.
Paid entrance
Beach Features: accessible by car, toilet, shower, sun lounger and umbrella rental, cafeteria, prayer room, picnic area and picnic tables, beach volleyball court, playground, sea safety lane, observation tower, lifeguard.

Gocek Island Beach

Locals and tourists alike flock to Göcek Island. Because it is just about a 15-minute way from the shore.
It is also the nearest island to Gocek.
Moreover, the road to the island will take your breath away with stunning views and, of course, the clear azure sea. And it is a trademark of the Turkish Riviera.
The island is about 2 kilometers long. To get there, you can rent a yacht. Then you will have a great opportunity to visit some of the area’s other bays.
If you prefer a tour, you will be taken to a certain location. Where you will find everything you require for a pleasant stay. Daily boat excursions leave from Gocek’s center.
Bay of Gocek Island is an ideal place for people who are tired of crowded beaches and bustles.
Gocek Island Beach
Paid entrance
Beach Features: you can not reach it by car, the island has a toilet, shower, changing cabins, rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, food, and drinks.

Beaches Near Gocek: Ayten Bay - Just Nature And You

Ayten Bay is about 5 kilometers from Gocek’s center.
Lush pine trees and the clearest water you have ever seen surround this bay. Tourists and yacht owners frequent this location.
Without a doubt, this location’s natural beauty plays a part. And you are alone with nature, with no rentals, shops, or cafeterias.
The water is crystal clear, but there is gravel on the bottom. As a result, getting in without shoes can be difficult.
It is perfect for a picnic or camping in the shade of coniferous trees while listening to the waves, in addition to the usual beach vacation.
You can get to this location using personal transportation, rent a yacht, or take a boat tour to the island. And also you can rent a bicycle and go for a bike ride while taking in the sights.
Free admission
Beach Features: accessible by car, no toilet, shower, cabanas, sun loungers, and umbrellas. Also, take care of food and drinks in advance.

Beaches Near Gocek: Osman-Aga Bay

And just 5 minutes by car from Ayten Bay is Osman-Oga Bay.
This is a wonderful place where peace and unity with nature reign. Trees create a natural canopy, and the sea delights with its endless beauty. 
There are no amenities such as renting umbrellas and sun loungers, and there are no cafes or restaurants.
The bay is a 15-minute drive from the center of Gocek.
So if you are looking for a way to enjoy the sea, being alone with nature, away from crowds of people and central beaches, feel free to choose this place.
Free admission
Beach Features: accessible by car, no toilet, shower, cabanas, sun loungers, and umbrellas. Also, take care of food and drinks in advance. The entry is rocky.
I am sure you will like it, XOXO

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